A True Crime Must-Read

The reporters said it was a sexy story—church, money, greed, adultery, blood, a defenseless child with profound disabilities, and a good man who never saw it coming, all the elements that garnered column inches and high ratings.

The main players on the stage included a talented journalist who played the organ at church, a cunning narcissist who hid behind a pretty face and a sweet demeanor, and a respected businessman and father.

The plan, her plan, unfolded in the early morning hours of June 8,1994, when a flyspeck of a man dressed in black, covetous and possessed by passion, clutched a large knife in his gloved hands and stood above his sleeping prey. He could not know, as the blade arced toward its target, how many lives would be forever changed by their crimes.

Rude Awakening Book Cover

Episode 7 "Unmasked" aired on Investigation Discovery on January 17, 2021
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